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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Will AT&T kill T-Mobile's lovely anti-AT&T ads?

by Chris Matyszczyk of CNET

They always tell you in business that you should never burn your bridges. This is actually very difficult, as you will sometimes come across such dreadful people that you will find it very hard to do anything but raise your longest finger in their directions.
However, what must the nice people at T-Mobile USA be feeling, now that news has emerged they will be acquired by AT&T?
You see, T-Mobile seems to have spent quite a bit of time and money telling us all that AT&T's service is, well, worse than a lobotomy in the open air, without anesthetic.
You must have seen the ads. They feature a nice lady in a dress (Presumably someone demanded a slightly younger Catherine Zeta-Jones) who ridicules the allegedly tortoise-like qualities of AT&T.

There was something quite peculiar about these ads.
T-Mobile seemed to believe it was a splendid idea to copy the style of Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign in order to lambaste both AT&T and Apple.
The ads seem to have been running relatively relentlessly since the end of last year. Perhaps they were even persuasive in some way for some people.
But there will be some who might imagine that, should the purchase receive all the required approvals, the first meeting between the two companies' marketing departments might offer a source of comparative humor.
Assuming that there will be a meeting, of course. These days, companies think nothing of relaying bad news by, well, cell phone. Especially in the case of those whom they never really liked in the first place.

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