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MousePad Networking is dedicated to providing service to home and small business users. Specializing in PC hardware, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, virus and spyware removal, and small networks, we are focused on providing quality service at reasonable prices. We offer PC setup and repair, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems installation and maintenance, and home & small office network setup & consulting.

AVG Home Security

AVG Home Security 

Award-winning antivirus – now includes new privacy features to keep your data private


New AVG consumer products available!

We’ve finally released the new Unlimited line of consumer products for you to resell via the Center. For the first time, you can now purchase the following products directly: 

AVG Internet Security – Unlimited
AVG Internet Security – Unlimited takes personal device protection to new levels. It’s a full security package that includes AVG Internet Security, AVG AntiVirus for Mac, and AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android for unlimited personal and family devices.

AVG TuneUp – Unlimited
AVG TuneUp – Unlimited is the super-powered performance package for unlimited personal and family Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It combines AVG PC TuneUp, AVG Cleaner for Mac and AVG Cleaner PRO for Android.

AVG Ultimate
The best of everything AVG: Ultimate brings together the full security suite offered by AVG Internet Security – Unlimited and the total tuning package from AVG TuneUp – Unlimited.

What’s different about these products?

The new Unlimited line of products works differently than the older AVG products you may be used to. Here’s what the changes mean to you: 

Unlimited means Fewer SKUs
The Unlimited line of products are precisely that: Unlimited. Customers can install them on as many personal or family devices as they need. (Note that these products are not for business use). That means the days of 1, 3 or 10 user SKUs are over.
Instead, the Unlimited products come in two main SKUs: 1-year and 2-years.

No more license numbers
Because the products are cross-platform and unlimited, entering license numbers each time they are installed becomes impractical. Instead, customers are provided single-use Activation Codes to be employed when creating an AVG MyAccount.
This account now controls the purchased entitlements, and allows the user to download as many installation files as required, and unlock all the PRO features they need.

MyAccount is the key
The creation of this account is essential. Without it, your customers will be unable to unlock their entitlements and will be stuck using the free version of our products.

Click here to purchase AVG Home Security software.

For AVG Business Security products, please Contact Us at info@mousepadnet.com.

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